Lake Poinsett Fishing Florida

Closest Town: Rockledge

Lake Size: 4,334 Acres

Public Boat Access: Located off S.R. 520

Lake Notes: Specializing in Largemouth Bass, Black Crappie, Bluegill, and Shellcracker. Fishing along the bulrush and in coves with maidencane and lily pads usually will produce good catches of bass. Live shiners in the winter and topwater lures or crankbaits in the summer months are good bets for catching bass. Worms should be rigged weedless because hydrilla can be found throughout the lake. Lake Poinsett also produces good catches of specks in late fall and winter. They are usually picked up by trolling in open water, especially in the northern half of the lake. Panfish can be caught along the shoreline with crickets and beetle spins in spring and summer. Sunshine bass may be found in the deeper water of the river where it enters or leaves the lake. Connects to Lake Winder. Part of the St. Johns River chain of lakes.



Lake Poinsett Fishing Species

Lake Poinsett Largemouth Bass

Lake Poinsett Bass Fishing

Lake Poinsett Black Crappie

Lake Poinsett Crappie Fishing

Lake Poinsett Bluegill

Lake Poinsett Bluegill Fishing

Lake Poinsett Shellcracker

Lake Poinsett Shellcracker Fishing

Fishing Lake Poinsett in Florida



Lake Monroe Florida

Closest Town:  Sanford, Florida

Lake Size:  9,406 Acres

Public Boat Access:

Lake Monroe Wayside Park – off U.S. Hwy 17 and I-4

1 off North shore on Enterprise Rd

Lake Notes:  Specializing in Largemouth Bass, Black Crappie and Bluegill.  Sunshine Bass and Striped Mullet also caught.  Connects to St. Johns River.

Lake Monroe Fishing Species

Lake Monroe Largemouth Bass

Lake Monroe Bass Fishing

Lake Monroe Black Crappie

Lake Monroe Crappie Fishing

Lake Monroe Bluegill

Lake Monroe Bluegill Fishing

Fishing Lake Monroe in Florida