Florida Deep Sea Fishing

Florida Deep Sea Fishing is not for the faint of heart.  For the adventurous angler, deep sea fishing in Florida is some of the most exciting in the World.  The South Florida coast is known as the “Gulf Stream” home to incredible sport fishing for Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish, Tarpon, Snapper, and Dolphin – just to name a few.  Florida Deep Sea Fishing Charters will guide you to the greatest fishing experience of a lifetime.

Popular Florida Deep Sea Fishing Species

Florida Cobia Deep Sea Fishing
Brown or gray above, with a dark stripe from gills to tail, and whitish underneath, Cobia can look a lot like a shark in the water. in a general way run 20-50 pounds, though they could get bigger to 100 pounds or even more. Lives nearshore or inshore.

Mahi Mahi

These are brightly colored fish – greenish blue on top, yellow on the sides, and may flash purple, chartreuse or other colors. Found in cozy offshore waters, they typically go to regarding 30 pounds.

Florida Marlin Deep Sea Fishing
With bright colors, a pointed dorsal fin and an upper jaw elongated into a spear, this is one cool-looking fish.Blue marlins are cobalt on the top, shielding to silvery white below; white marlins might be dark blue to chocolate brownish. Blues are the largest of the Atlantic variety commonly reaching 11 feet long and weighing more than 2,000 pounds. All of the trophy-size specimens are females.

Florida Sailfish Deep Sea Fishing
Gets its name from its spectacular dorsal fin. They’re usually dark blue ahead, brownish-blue on the sides as well as silvery white below. the top jaw is spear-shaped, Like the Marlins. Average size is 7 feet. Generally found in south Florida near the Gulf Stream and off the Panhandle near the 100-fathom line.

Florida Snapper Deep Sea Fishing
Hard fighters that play tug-of-war with the angler. Most have prominent canine teeth and will take a variety of bait. They obtained their name from their habit of snapping at the fishermen’s hands. Colors differ yet are usually shiny and also have a tendency towards yellow as well as red. Some are small — 5 pounds or so — but other varieties commonly grow to 40 pounds or more.

Florida Swordfish Deep Sea Fishing
Another flashy fish: color could vary from black to grayish-blue to brownish, purple or bronze. Has a long, flat sword-like upper jaw. Lives in deep blue water and once averaged more than 200 pounds, though overfishing has affected the size of commercially caught fish. All large swordfish are females.

Florida Tarpon Deep Sea Fishing
Its stubborn rejection to give up, incorporated with a capability to leap 10 feet from the water, makes tarpon a felicitated game fish. Generally green or steel blue on top and silvery on the sides and underneath. Found both inshore and offshore, usually on the Gulf side. They normally vary 40-50 pounds, though 100 extra pounds is the standard at Boca Grande Pass and also 200 extra pounds is not unnatural.